Free Edition Hide and Seek Family Pack 1.1

Free Edition Hide and Seek Family Pack 1.1


Size:26.6 MB

Date Added:19 April, 2014

Author: NEXTBOOK, Inc.

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What could the hidden animal be? Expand your child's intellect with this fun intellectual training picture book!
Target Age: 1 year ~

This application contains three patters of hide and seek: ?2 Animals Sea Life Bugs Birds?, but five is limitation to use on each of them. You can only a part of animals.

If you like it after using it, please purchase the additional pages. Each patterens:?2 Animals Sea Life Bugs Birds?, has different additional pages, so to see all of the patterns, you need to purchase the additional pages for each patterns.

Look at part of a picture and then guess what animal is hiding. There are 4 different types of Hide and Seek, each with a different degree of difficulty.

As your child plays again and again, he or she will gradually begin to see the pattern. At this point, raise the degree of difficult, and let your child play again and again. By imagining the hidden portions, your child's brain will be stimulated. Please allow your child to experience this new intellectual training picture book, which is only possible because it's electronic.

[Mode of Play]
-Draw the Curtain
Half of a picture of a single animal is hiding. Every time you open the screen, the hiding spot will change. If you highlight the black area, it will move, so you can either hide it more, or show a little more in order to give a hint. If you tap the screen, the entire animal will appear. This is the simplest mode.

-Behind the Window
The picture of the hidden animal is blending into the background, and only one part can be seen through the window. The location of the window changes whenever you open the screen, and when you highlight the screen, the view from the window changes. When you tap the screen, the entire picture will appear. This is a slightly harder mode.

-Seek and Find at Night
This time, the animal is in the foreground as well as the background, and you have to light it up with the searchlight. The searchlight moves when you highlight, and you can make it bigger by spreading two fingers on the screen. When you tap the screen, the entire animal will appear. This is an even harder mode.

-Seek and Chase! (ex. Animals Hide and Seek Illustrated by Kimika Warabe)
The animal will move randomly. Look for the animal by dragging the searchlight and changing its size by opening your fingers. When you tap the screen, the entire animal will appear. This is the hardest mode.

System Requirements: Requires iOS 4.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

Systems: iOS

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